06 April 2006

controlling the weather and first crushes

"magic thinking"

when i wanted rain,
i got thunderstorms and lightning,
but never snow

i convince them to grow,
assuming the plants hear me
(but never snow)

i find lost treasure
by wishing and hoping
but never just snow.

and no, this isn't part of the prompt, but something made me start thinking and well, it reminded me of something.

i can't tell a girl
i think she's pretty,
(like nothing i'd ever seen)
i'm too young to think of words like
'enchanting' and 'enraptured'
but i knew what they felt like
(never mind when i saw her again
in high school the remnants were there
but that pretty little girl,
so so enchantingly pretty,
was gone, replaced by a thin,
mean, harsh, stark girl
never mind that)
i couldn't help but stare.
she was prettier than any doll,
eyes like candy,
we weren't friends.
i just liked to look at her.
i knew i couldn't tell her
how pretty she was.
i couldn't tell anybody.