24 January 2006

winter deserts

"in the moment"

i closed my eyes and--
sunwarm air melting my skin
--it's still winter here

skies too clear too dark
i can see thousands of years
i don't notice winter's chill

saffron heat
and desert red
no one
forgets al-maghreb

23 January 2006

the new start

i wished for a storm--
late at night
i heard rain fall.
this month is too warm.

I'll let other people talk about migraines. I find that if I talk about them, I think about them and migraines, being in one's head, tend to get in your head, when you let them in your head. So. I'm having an MRI soon anyway. We'll see how that goes.


1/10/2006: Finish the following sentence as someone 10 years younger/older than you: The only thing I ever wanted was … .—From The Pocket Muse.

The only thing I ever wanted was steady ground beneath my feet. Ground that didn't move and shake like an earthquake, a train station, trick flooring, ground that I could call my own, that wasn't begged, borrowed or stolen and when I found that ground, I'd kiss it and the feet that walked upon it. But that day hasn't come yet and this ground too shakes and shudders, begged and stained, maybe tomorrow I'll go. I have to keep searching.

02 January 2006

Reading List

I got tired of this on the side... Eventually I'll cull this to something manageable... I do read these. Anyway.

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::: more misc :::
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::: reading library :::
Alternative Palestinian Agenda - Peace Initiative
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A Personal Diary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Nigel Parry

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