01 June 2007

Bellydance & Yoga

[this post in progress]

I'll keep editing and updating this. It's a bit of a resource, but also maybe a little pressure/inspiration to myself.

I've danced all my life. Well, most of it. The parts I remember. It got pretty second nature. I'm one of those people who stand with my feet in a V position. I'm standing in first. That's a ballet position. It was hammered into me for nearly 15 years; I can't help it.

But I got disillusioned by mean girls and plagued with headaches so I gave it up for a while. In the course of stuyding yoga I came across Bellydance. Yeah, there were some people I didn't like, but I was a little older and a lot less caring. I've been doing that ever since. Except for a break that has pushed near two years. I really need to change that.

::hip drop shimmy figure 8::

I lost my dancing soul sister and my dad got very ill. Took out my desire to dance. But now I need it, I miss it, I long for it and I'm desperate for it.

These are resources that I frequent. Eventually I'll post a little about each site, because what is dance but poetry in motion?



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