06 May 2008

Seis de Mayo

I don't like being the designated driver, especially when it's a last minute thing or a 'oh my god you idiots can't drive' kind of thing. Also, I'm mean to drunks. They won't remember, so surely it's my right to castigate their idiocy?

I also do not like it when there is no room on the dance floor, and what little room there is, is taken up by people that couldn't shake their ass if their life depended on it. >_<

I do however like Cinnabar perfume. The imp begged me to try some, but I had my doubts. No more! I am INTOXICATING and in love. Wow. My first sniff (I sprayed into the box) was a little disappointing, but a tiny spray to my wrist had me smelling myself all afternoon.

And today, I have a cashmere robe that is a dull rusty orange colour.

Overall, I am pleased.

keep me on my toes,
but I stumble in your arms.

:     :     :   :   :   ::   :::

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